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Call for Papers

Since it was founded in 1982 by Josep Perarnau i Espelt, ATCA, under the patronage of the Fundació Bofill, Facultat de Teologia de Catalunya and the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, has published 32 volumes in accordance with its mission to promote the study and publication of texts written in Catalan or pertaining to the Catalan cultural sphere, from the origins of the language through to the 18th Century, while also exhaustively compiling the related bibliography. ATCA has become the main reference journal in its field, with a highly-renowned quality standard. In recent years it has begun to adapt to the digital formats, thus guaranteeing open access to its contents, while also laying the foundations for a new stage.

In this new stage, ATCA will continue to uphold the study and publishing of old Catalan texts from the different areas of general history and, more particularly, those pertaining to the history of its culture (theology, philosophy, science and technology, law and literature), as well as those related to archival science, codicology, books and printed culture. Unlike what has become the norm in other journals, ATCA intends to continue to place the emphasis on the publishing of editions of brief texts, brief treatises and archive documentation. With the same intention, bibliographic information will focus on text editions and on recent catalogue card instruments, relinquishing the exhaustive compilation of bibliography, a task now performed by other electronic media. Similarly, in this new stage, the Journal intends to adapt to the criteria of excellence internationally required of periodic academic publications.

Consequently, we are inviting the national and international scientific community to help us to drive forward in this new stage. To this end, we are issuing a call to participate in volume 33, due to be published in the year 2020. This volume will focus on the edition of mediaeval and modern texts, including any studies that refer to the same subject matter. The deadline for submitting originals is July 31, 2019. With regard to the conditions pertaining to the submission of articles and style requirements, you are kindly asked to follow the indications published on ATCA’s new website at the IEC’s Hemeroteca Científica Catalana at http://revistes.iec.cat/index.php/ATCA/index.

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