Los Arabismos de La lozana andaluza


  • Federico Corriente


The Semitic ingredients in Modern and Medieval Castilian literature are still poorly known, despite the existence of some important studies, owing to a greater or lesser marked lack of interest from Romance scholars in Jewish and Muslim history and culture in the Iberian Peninsula, which stems from an existentialist bias that has never been overcome, even though the influence of both communities in certain spheres is greater than is generally supposed. In the case of La lozana andaluza, a pivotal work in Spanish literature, despite its undergoing some degree of depreciation for ideological reasons, the situation has reached the point of the author and his work being considered Crypto- Jewish, when, in actual fact, a detailed analysis of the language and matters such as cosmetics and cooking points, beyond any doubt, to Moriscos living in Rome with Jewish compatriots in an atmospere in which, understandably, Andalusian customs, whether