Treball públic amb lògica privada?


  • Inma Pastor Gosálbez


In recent decades, an increasing number of countries have developed reform programmes to improve the running of the Public Administration: they are the so-called processes of Administrative Modernization. The aim of the transformations has been to replace the classical model based on bureaucracy by a new paradigm of public administration, the so-called postbureaucratic paradigm. In this paper we discuss the characteristics of what has been termed the New Public Management, both in it most neobusiness expression and its most neopublic aspect. We maintain that the modernizing processes are not only technical, since they are based on choices which emphasize efficiency and notother values such as equity or solidarity. The model of society behind this process is one of a state- supermarket in which public organizations act with the logic of private companies, the citzens play the role of consumers, control is based on competitivity and the organizational context is one of a set of competitors.


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