Atur juvenil, salut i exclusió social


  • Josep Espluga Trenc


This article shows the goals and earliers results of a research about Youth Unemployment, Social Exclusion and Health (YUSEDER), wich is carrying out in six european countries supported by the European Commision (Targeted Socio-Economic Research). The current article shows a sintesi of the first workpackage, wich put forward two kinds of information: a) The analysis of data on unemployment and health with a special focus on youth; b) A definition, analysis and description of social exclusion in the Spanish literature and its relationships with the youth unemployment. Fhurtermore there are some preliminary conclusions of the second workpackage of YUSEDER (empirical research), where it can be said that the exclusion of the labour market, economic exclusion and social isolation are the main dimensions of social exclusion among the Spanish youths unemployed, and it shows the short limits of the traditionaly considered main cushioners, education and the family, to resolve these situations.