Insercions i trajectòries socioprofessionals en el sector de les arts escèniques


  • Andrés Coco Prieto
  • Màrius Domínguez i Amorós


The aim of this article is to show the design, the development and the first results of a research which has been carried out about the labour insertion and the socioprofessional carriers in the scenic arts sector. The research, requested by the «Institut del Teatre», has the general scope of understanding, extensively, which are the main characteristics of that concrete labour market and what is the present labour situation of those professionals. The article specifies the general setting of the design (made with a methodological pluralist approach) and also the posing, the procedures and the results corresponding to the first two phases of the study. In the first phase, a description of the scenic arts labour market is done from the revision of secondary data and from interviews to key professionals. In the second phase, information about the labour situation, the labour insertions, the socioprofessional carriers, the labour conditions and the sector expectations are collected from a questionnaire answered by «Institut del Teatre» postgraduates.


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