Art, tecnologia i nous processos creatius : el cas dels DJ


  • Mònica Ruz Satorras


A process of multiple change in aesthetic paradigms as well as in artistic practice has been initiated by the introduction of new technologies into the artistic world. In this context, a new type of artist has emerged who makes use of new technological recourses as the main tool for the artistic creation. This phenomenon, in turn, brings about a redefinition of the professional practice as predominately technological which was previously excluded from the artistic discourse. The aim of this article is to show this process in the case of the disc-jockey of modern «Techno-music» who has been attributed with a new social identity as artist. First, the historical development of the profession from its beginnings up to the current process of artistic recognition is described. Second, the emergence of a new ideology which legitimates its artistic character, creation and authenticity is examined, and third, the manifestation of this new artistic professionalism.