L'Impacte del medi ambient en l'economia productiva


  • Joan Ignasi Puigdollers


The Catalan minister for the environment explains that the Kyoto conference was not so much about the environment as about the productive economy. There is a danger of climate change because of economic growth . Although not proven it is better to act reducing emissions. The European Union permits Spain to increase emissions because of its relative backwardness, but Catalonia is heavily industrialised and more concerned about quality of life. The environment is an opportunity for sustainable development. The Agenda 21 is being adopted in Catalonia. Industrial waste management successfully uses a combination of incentives and penalties. Especially significant is the valuation of waste. Other policies are voluntary agreements and direct economic measures . Pollution taxes have been extensively applied since 1981 with 60% reduction in waste water. The Catalan government is concerned about business sustainability. Business can connect with society through environmental reporting . The number of environmental goods and services firms has multiplied by 37 in the last four years. Sustainability is being incorporated into the business culture . The Catalan government, in an effort to modernise administration, has a new law simplifying and integrating environmental paperwork for business.