La Solidaritat externa de la Unió Europea


  • Francesc Granell i Trias


The European Union has several policies to develop poor countries, which cannot overcome their deficits alone. Official aid is far from the target of 0.7% of' GNP, at 0.25% in OECD countries and falling. Europe has preferential trade agreements and also financial and technical cooperation. However a conflict with the USA has arisen whether these agreements follow WTO males. In addition to trade, Europe has urgent humanitarian aid and external solidarity which amounts to 10% of the EU budget, four times less than evpenditure on common agricultural policy. The European Union is coordinating with European governments and with international agencies to improve the good use of aid. The addition of 'new members to the EU and the introduction of the euro will change the way aid is implemented, especially because Third World debt with Europe will be in euros instead of dollars.