Parlament del Conseller d'Economia de la Generalitat


  • Artur Mas Gavarró


The minister of economics of the Catalan Government underlines the optimism that emerges in the long terns view of the 40 year growth of Catalonia in the study which receives the Catalan Economics Prize. Economic liberalisation in 1959, entry into Europe in 1985 and the successful globalisation of the Catalan economy have led to a great leap forward. Today Catalonia ranks with the most open economies of Europe. The difference with the rest of Spain is its higher growth rate and greater capacity to generate employment despite the difficulty of job creation in Europe. One big obstacle is insufficient public investment and the negative fiscal balance of Catalonia. Being a rich region in a relatirely poor country of Europe, also means disproportionately low European financing. However growth outlook for the future is very favourable, as has been the excellent experience of the past forty years.