La Ciencia en televisión: Redes, el modelo divulgativo de Eduard Punset


  • Julio Grosso Mesa


The popularisation of science in Spanish television has historically relied on Spains public TV broadcaster, RTVE, and on regional channels, especially including Catalonias TV3. Although science still occupies only 1 % of the TV news broadcast time in Spain, cultural programmes, including those of informative nature, have been a constant in TVEs offering since its inception in 1956, mainly on the minority-audience channel La 2. Among these informative cultural TV programmes, Redes (Networks) is a unique phenomenon in terms of both its run length and its audience acceptance. Indeed, no other science popularisation programme has ever run so long without a break for 17 years and over 600 episodes. Despite changes of government, Redes has achieved a good balance between its level of quality and its communicative effectiveness. The Catalan science populariser Eduard Punset, in particular, has achieved the unthinkable by making science popular in Spain.


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