Gelatinopsis heppiae sp. nov. (Leotiales, Ascomycota) un hongo liquenícola sobre Heppia despreauxii de Aragón (NE de España)


  • Pere Navarro-Rosinés
  • Néstor Luis Hladun Simón
  • Xavier Llimona i Pagès


Gelatinopsis heppiae sp . nov. (Leotiales, Ascomycota) lichenicolous fungus on Heppia despreauxii from Aragon (NE Spain). Gelatinopsis heppiae Nav.-Ros. , Hladun et Llimona sp. nov. is described as new, on the thallus of Heppia despreauxii, and it is currently known only from Aragon (Spain ). On the basis of the size of the ascospores this new species is related with G. ericetorum, a fungus that grows on Dibaeis. However, it differs from the former in that its colour is orange brown rather than olivaceous in the exciple and epihymenium. The same coloration of excipleand epihymenium is found in G. roccellae, which grows on Roccella phycopsis, and in G. leptogii, on Leptogium byssinum, but these species differ from G. Heppiae in having Shorter ascospores.




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Navarro-Rosinés, P., Hladun Simón, N. L., & Llimona i Pagès, X. (2011). <i>Gelatinopsis heppiae</i> sp. nov. (<i>Leotiales</i>, <i> Ascomycota</i>) un hongo liquenícola sobre <i>Heppia despreauxii</i> de Aragón (NE de España). Revista Catalana De Micologia, 30, 57–64. Retrieved from




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