Abrir posibilidades. Una conversación con Judith Butler


  • Patrícia Soley-Beltran Universitat Ramon Llull / Vinculada al grup Cos i Textualitat
  • Beatriz Preciado Université Paris 8

Paraules clau:

biopolitics, feminism, gender, performance, transgender


Interview with Judith Butler which took place in Paris on June, 20th 2006. The interview touches upon several issues: Butler’s contribution to the thinking of gender and the materiality of the body, as well as her views about feminism of difference; the regulation of kinship, sexual difference and reproduction; homosexual marriage and the proliferation of non-normative sexual and kinship practices; her views on U.S. foreign policy in relation to gender, feminism and the normative definition of the human subject; Butler's public role as intellectual and activist; biopolitics and precariousness; autobiographical writing; art performance and performativity; transsexuality and subversion.