Nova colònia de gavina corsa ("Larus audouinii" Payr.) a l'estat espanyol


  • Enric Carrera i Gallissà
  • Isabel Martínez i Vilalta


In this article a new colony of Adouin's Gull on the Catalan coast (NE Spain) is described. This is the only known colony in the continent and in a sandy beach.
The breeding site, founded in 1981, is located in a flat zone almost without vegetation. The nests are placed mainly over small dunes, covered by a mosaic of psammophi- Ilus communities of dune and back of the dune. This vegetation belongs to the Ammophiletum Mediterraneum and Crucianelletum maritimum communities, with some scattered shrubs of Arthrocnemum fruticosum in the lower places.
The colony is composed by at least 36 pairs and is placed in one of the ends of a Herring Gull colony.
The mean sizes of 6 eggs are: 63.56x44.53 mm, and the mean sizes of 4 nests are: outer diameter: 25.50 cm; inner diameter: 15.25 cm.
This site is also an important place for the post-nuptial moult of the Audouin's Gull. In that same place we have verified the breeding of 200 couples in May 1982, which means a considerable increase as well as a consolidation of the colony.


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