Contribució al coneixement del gènere "Moina" a la península ibèrica


  • Miquel Alonso


Moina is a quite common genus in the Spanish steppic waters. M. macrocopa, M. micrura and M. brachiata had already been noted in the Iberian Peninsula. M. macrocopa hasn't appeared in any of our samples; possibly this species is only represented in littoral environments. In this paper the other species are treated, and M. mongolica is included as a new record for the Spanish fauna.
The morphological discrimination of the species is easy if we look at the female postabdomen and the male antennule. Their ecological preferences are clear: only M. micrura can be found in deep waters as a planktonic species, but specially in warm and eutrophic ones; M. mongolica is an athalassohaline species, and M. brachiata lives in muddy waters.


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