Ultrastructura de la coberta dels oòcits de "Terebratula vitrea" "(Brachiopoda: Testicardina)"


  • Mercè Durfort i Coll
  • Robert Bargalló i Iñíguez
  • Jordi López-Camps
  • Maria Gràcia Bozzo Duran
  • Ramon Fontarnau i Griera


The ovarian oocytes of T. Vitrea are characterized by the presence of conspicuous follicular cells on their surface, arranged like lunes. Under these cells a layer showing numerous microvilli, corresponding to the vitelline membrane, can be seen. This membrane is not uniform but presents regular depressions resembling a buttoned pattern. In the more mature gametes these depressions give rise to pores allowing the cell to come into contact with the external environment through a covering which thickens considerably during the last ovogenetic transformations.


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