Sobre els orígens de la modernització de la didàctica de les ciències naturals a Catalunya


  • Lluís Solé i Sabarís


The author traces back the roots of modern teaching of natural sciences in Catalonia. There are two main fields in this origin: one is autochton and is representated by the general pedagogical orientations conducted by Alexandre Galí, Pau Vila, Eladi Homs, Joan Bardina, Manuel Ainaud and Artur Martorell, and the other is more or less influenced by the pedagogical ideas of the Institution Libre de Ensenanza and related centres, as the Escuela Superior del Magisterio and the Instituto-Escuela at Madrid. The main figures in this second field are Palau i Vera, Hermenegildo Giner, Estalella, Cazurro, Rosa Sensat, Cassia Costal, Margarida Comas, Miquel Santaló and others.