Precisions sobre la disposició estructural dels terrenys triàsics de Vallcarca (Barcelona)


  • Pere F. Santanach i Prat
  • Lluís Cabrera i Pérez


The structural setting of the Buntsandstein outcrops located between the Mare de Déu del Coll church and Can Mora in Vallcarca (Barcelona), mapped by J. Almera in 1880, is accurately determined.
The pulling down of buildings and some diggings out enables the observation of the structural relationship between the Triassic and the Paleozoic rocks.
The different outcrops are described and located (fig. 1), and it is established that wherever the contacts are exposed the Triassic rocks are thrusted by the Paleozoic materials. The fault planes strike NNE-SSW dipping to the ESE and the few slickensides observed indicate a reverse slip (fig. 2). Taking into account the geometry of the outcrops we can conclude that we are dealing with a fault zone where the Hercynian rocks thrust the Triassic rocks and where the detailed structure shows a set of anastomosing fault planes, pinching in between slices of Triassic rocks.