Estudi dels silicoflagel·lats de les diatomites de Sierra Columbares (Múrcia)


  • Joan-Antoni Curtó i Homedes
  • Jordi Martinell


The Silicoflagellates from the diatomitic and argillaceous layers of a Miocenic outcrop from Sierra Columbares (Murcia, Spain) are described. The following species have been determined: Dictyocha triacantha, D. fibula, D. messanensis, D. rhombica, D. brachyacantha, D. staurodon, D. crux, D. speculum, D.. culum , D. pseudofibula, Mesocena elliptica crenulata, M. elliptica minoriformis, M. circulus, Cannopilussp. Of these, a clear predominance of speculum been observed: in some samples this species constitutes more than 80 % of the total number of individuals of silicoflagellates. D. Speculum shows a great variability, and different species have been considered: D. binoculus, D. triommata, and D. Ornamentus, all interpreted as synonimous of D. Speculum.