Notes florístiques


  • Joan Pujadas i Ferrer
  • Ramon Maria Masalles i Saumell


Exposition of the more interesting floristic results obtained in botanical excursions, that took place during last years, concerning particularly to Conca de Barbera, in the North part of the province of Tarragona . It's interesting to remark the finding of the second know Catalonian locality of Orchis purpurea Huds. and the finding of Arenaria modesta Duf. var. modesta, 80 Km. far from this preceding records.
Some new extreme localities are also pointed out for the Catalonian area of Orchis longibracteata Biv., and Euphorbia nevadensis Boiss. et Reut. subsp. aragonensis (Loscos et Pardo ) 0. Bolòs et Vigo var. aragonensis (Loscos et Pardo) 0. Bolòs et Vigo, and Alyssum lapeyrousianum Jord. var. angustifolium (Willk.) 0. Bolòs et Vigo, etc. In all cases, the localization is indicated according U.T.M. grid.


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