Contribució a l'estudi citotaxonòmic de la flora de les Balears. III


  • M. Àngels Cardona i Florit


Chromosome numbers have been determined for some endemic taxa from the Balearic Islands.
The numbers of Pimpinella bicknellii, Briq. ( 2n = 20), Naufraga balearica Constance et Cannon (2n = 22), and Thymelaea velutina (Pourret ex Camb.) Meissner (2n = 18) have been reported for the first time.
The relation between the chromosornic number, the morphological and phylogenetical affinities and the area of distribution of the taxa has been investigated.
The system of classification introduced by FAVARGER and CONTANDRIOPOULOS is applied to the endemic taxa.
The conclusion of this study is the antiquity of the flora of the Balearic Islands.


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