Els Poblaments d'Opistobranquis de coves submarines mediterrànies: noves dades i comentaris sobre llur afinitat faunística


  • Joandomènec Ros i Aragonès


A faunistic comparison is made between the specific inventories of Opisthobranch assemblages in four groups of Mediterranean submarine caves; those of the Medes Is. (Catalan coast, N.E. Spain; Huelin & Ros, 1984), of the N.E. coast of Majorca (Balearic Is.; Ros & Gilt, in press), of the Sorrentine Peninsula (Gulf of Naples; Cattaneo, 1981, 1982) and of the Istrian Peninsula (N. Adriatic Sea; Starmuhlner, 1955, 1968). Two methods have been used in comparing these inventories: a similarity index (that of Jaccard) -to ascertain the faunistic affinity in terms of the Opisthobranch species found in more than one inventory-, and a simple index which assumes this affinity to be inversely related to the geographical distance between the respective cave groups. The two indices give similar results. Some considerations are offered on the significance of these and on the need for a greater availability of inventories to facilitate comparative studies.


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