Perspectives en l'estudi de nous productes naturals amb activitat farmacològica, biològica i/o terapèutica


  • Jaume Bastida i Armengol
  • Carles Codina Mahrer


The research of new natural compounds can be considered in many cases as a feasible alternative to the organic synthesis of either more active and specific pharmaceutical products, or ones without secondary effects. The phytochemical and pharmacological screenings, by means of which plant and animal extracts are tested for different kinds of biological activity, have been responsible for the discovery of these compounds. However, some of these substances have been finally discarded because of their toxicity, and others have not been isolated, purified or chemically identified yet. A careful methodology is certainly needed to attain reliable results.
In this article an updated review of the knowledge in the natural products field is given. At the same time, a work program that can be used as a pattern to carry out a research for new compounds with pharmacological, biological and/or therapeutical activity from our flora is suggested.