Revista de l'Alguer, Vol. 7, Núm. 7 (1996)

Estudi biomètric del cavall mallorquí

Pere M. Parés, Llorenç Payeras


The present population of the Majorcan horse is characterized biometricalIy using 19 somatic measurements and 14 indexes. 19 sires and 23 dams were measured. AlI the individuals used were between 2 and 20 years old or older, and were from 19 different majorca n owners. Starting from these data, that present coefficients of variation relatively low, it is infered the corporal structure of the breed. Sexual dimorphism is not very pronounced, with exception of sorne indexes refered to the cannon and the croup. It is possible that sorne structural differences between animals were due to ecological reason, specialIy due to nutrition. Majorcan horse can be defined as eumetrical, longilinial and dolicocephal.

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