Revista de l'Alguer, Vol. 8, Núm. 8 (1997)

Comportament reproductiu dels peixos. Definició de patrons i accions de comportament

Marc Puigcerver Hieronimi


Reproduction in fishes is a complex event that include nest building behaviour, cortship, mating and parental careo Nest building behaviour is a prezigolic investrnent but also may serve as a way to select a partner or be chosen by one. Coutship serves as mutual appeasement and recognition of the partners in the process of pair formation but most likely for keeping up and improving the synchronization between the mates. During the spawning act, sexual products of both sexes, sperm and ova, are mixed in free water or by internal fertilization, developing an embryo. Parental care is a post-zygotic investment that directly contribute to the survival and reproductive success of the offspring. In sorne way, nest building behaviour could be defined as a type of parental careo Parental and partner selection strategies in fishes are reviewed and accompanied by almost 100 actualized reproductive behavioural acts and patterns.

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