De la lluita ecologista a una prioritat global. L'eclosió de la comunicació mediambiental


  • Maria Josep Picó
  • Nel·lo Pellisser


From Ecologists’ Struggle to Global Priority: The Emergence of Environmental Journalism.The environmental message has always held a place in the speeches of the masses. However, it was the ecologists’ declarations of the early sixties that mark the origins of journalistic expression as we know it today. Since then, the environmental issue has edged into the media little by little, nowhaving become a priority on news agendas. The printed word, be it on paper or Online, as well as the audiovisual media echo society’s growing interest in environmental issues. However, environmental journalism still faces certain challenges, which must be surmounted in order to overcome inherent weaknesses, such alarmism, superfi cial treatment and the conquest of prime-time television slots.