Plantes per a menjar, plantes per a cremar...


  • José Pio Beltran


Plants to eat, plants to burn… A question of genetic design?
The search for alternative energies for transport is being boosted by the increased price of petrol, the diminishing fossil-fuel reserves and climate change, caused by an increase in atmospheric CO2 levels. Such energies can use plant biomass or
biofuels like bio-ethanol and biodiesel. What can genetics contribute to this field? Here we analyze the great potential of new Genetics to help us diversify the energy sources, and thanks to which plants are obtained that produce cellulases or ligninases, plants with lower lignin content or with increased biomass, suitable for producing biofuel. This involves a search for the tools necessary to face a
threatening future, because the lack and waste of resources is leading us to an unsustainable Developed World.