Nutrigenòmica: La nutrició personalitzada


  • Andreu Palou


Nutrigenomics: personalized nutrition.
Nutrigenomics is an emerging discipline that studies how information of foods interacts with that of genes and their derived metabolic framework, as well as the consequences. This science uses traditional techniques of nutrition and metabolism
but also new technologies, and is nourished by the rapid advances in our knowledge of the genes composing the genome, their regulating mechanisms and how certain food components influence these systems. Moreover, this field benefits from the great advances being made in human biochemistry and particularly metabolism. Nutrigenomics can help in the design of new functional foods and implementation of better eating habits to control obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other
chronic illnesses of our times. Nutrigenomics contributes to developing early or primary biomarkers of predictive homeostatic dysfunctions altering processes or functions that herald certain diseases or other welfare concerns.