Ciència magazine, second period (1980–1991): Recovering normality for the Catalan scientific language


  • Montserrat Vallmitjana Societat Catalana de Biologia, Barcelona, Catalonia


Ciència. Revista catalana de ciència i tecnologia (1926–1933) was the first science magazine written in Catalan. A second science magazine, which bore the same name and was essentially a continuation of the first, was launched in 1980. It was founded by Joan Senent-Josa and Francesc Solé Plana and was published from July 1980 until March 1991, with a two-year hiatus prior to its end. It was a Catalan-rooted magazine but also highly universal in its approach, reflecting the prestigious Catalan and foreign scientists who published articles in it. The magazine contained scholarly papers, interviews, and even short stories, among its other sections. At its peak it had a monthly circulation of 8000. Publication ceased due to financial constraints.

Keywords. popular science magazine · science · research · Catalan · culture

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Montserrat Vallmitjana, Societat Catalana de Biologia, Barcelona, Catalonia





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