Public health in Catalonia between 1885 and 1939


  • Ferran Sabaté Universitat de Barcelona


In the 50-year period falling between two health emergencies, a cholera epidemic and the Spanish Civil War (1885-1936), Catalonia underwent a profound transformation in all aspects of life. This was expressed in an awakening and desire for modernisation and the recovery of its national personality. In the first 25 years, which dovetailed with the Modernist era, Catalan society became aware of its
situation – in the field of health, as well – and civil society and towns started testing grassroots solutions. In the second stage, with the creation of the Mancomunitat de Catalunya and the influence of Noucentisme, a “regional state” began to be built which planned and initiated improvements in the health conditions all over the land, albeit with many limitations.




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