Nuevos datos sistemáticos y de distribución de Xyletinus(Calypterus) bucephalus s. lat. (Coleoptera: Ptinidae: Xyletininae)


  • Amador Viñolas


Xyletinus (Calypterus) bucephalus s. lat. is a species of Xyletininae with a very wide Palaearctic distribution and closely related to semi-arid areas and with sheep, goats and horses faeces. Species that have such an extensive distribution area, present always a certain individual variability, which has no specific validity. Such variability have made possible describe one subspecies and two new species. After the study of 208 specimens from practically the entire distribution area, it has been possible to verify that there are no specific valid differences for their separation and that the aedeagus, with a very well characterized piece in the internal sac, does not vary in all the studied specimens, so the following taxa are synonymized with Xyletinus (Calypterus) bucephalus: Xyletinus (Calypterus) bucephalus theanus Reitter, 1901 n. syn., Xyletinus (Calypterus) bucephalus omanus Toskina n. syn., 1998, Xyletinus (Calypterus) materliki Toskina, 2002 n. syn. and Xyletinus (Calypterus) lepidus Toskina, 2006 n. syn. The habitus of several of the specimens studied, their aedeagus and those drawn by different authors as well as the Palaearctic distribution of the species are represented.






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