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Doris Hall (2020-08-11)

There is a virtual wealth of argumentative topics out there, each of which is perfect for essays or term papers. You can also use them as prompts to hone your writing skills. This is actually an excellent idea, as it will give you a good basis for later argumentative papers.

Naturally, good argumentative topics have to present a good basis for an argument – otherwise, what is the point? Your own opinion on the subject naturally plays a large part, but you have to back up your opinion with sound evidence and references. Otherwise, rather than being argumentative, your paper will be more akin to an opinion piece. Supporting your argument and your opinion are key factors when writing a good term paper based on an argument.

In quite a few ways, writing argumentative term papers is rather like debating – of course, rather than the spoken word, you are writing down your points. As well, you do not have to necessarily argue both sides of the issue – however, be prepared to defend your views and your opinions. Actually, by anticipating opposition, you can work your defenses into your paper. During the term paper writing process you should consider differing opinions and deal with them accordingly. Discuss why you do not agree with them and why; why you do not hold those opinions, why your stance is what it is, etc.

Crafting a solid argument is a primary part of term paper writing in general – at least, of course, if you are trying to build a really good term paper. It is even more important in argumentative essays. However, the crux of your argument is likewise important, i.e. you have to be extremely careful when considering argumentative topics. You cannot always choose something simply because you are itching to argue that point. You have to go into the process with an open mind, because, as mentioned, you have to be able to anticipate any possible opposition. You have to consider the opposite opinion as well, or else you will not be able to prove your own argument. Being informed about your side is not enough. In order to be truly informed and truly fair-minded, you need to approach the argument from both sides in your research.

To get an example of what this means, first consider these possible argumentative term paper ideas:

• Is domestic violence a problem that should be dealt with more strictly, or is it a personal issue among the people involved?

• Is it humane for animals to be used in various forms of testing?

• Should sexual education at school be mandatory? Should it be regulated to a class or just random assemblies?

• Should gay marriage be legal? Should it be mandated by a state government or federal government?

• Should abortion remain legal? Should it be restricted? What about women who use it as a form of birth control?

These are just examples of argumentative topics, but as you can see, you have the opportunity to write my essay, if that is your fancy. You may also find it beneficial to find a good term paper example on an argumentative topic. That way you will see best how to approach a controversial, highly debated issue, as in the case of the latter two essay samples.

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