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Vol. 1, Núm. 29 (2010)




Preface: conservation of european ponds-current knowledge and future needs PDF
Maria R. Miracle, Beat Oertli, Regis Cereghino, Andrew Hull 1-9
Emerging global role of small lakes and ponds: little things mean a lot PDF
John A. Downing 9-24
Pools ‘on the rocks’: freshwater rock pools as model system in ecological and evolutionary research PDF
Luc Brendonck, Merlijn Jocque, Ann Hulsmans, Bram Vanschoenwinkel 25-40
Temporay ponds from Doñana National Park: a system of natural habitats for the preservation of aquatic flora and fauna PDF
Carmen Diaz-Paniagua, Rocio Fernandez-Zamudio, Margarita Florencio, Pablo Garcia-Murillo, Carola Gomez-Rodriguez, Alexandre Portheault, Laura Serrano, Patricia Siljeström 41-58
Effects of the intense summer desiccation and the autumn filling on the water chemistry in some Mediterranean ponds PDF
Margarita Fernandez-Alaez, Camino Fernandez-Alaez 59-74
Crustacean and rotifer seasonality in a Mediterranean temporary pond with high biodiversity (Lavajo de Abajo de Sinarcas, Eastern Spain) PDF
Maria Sahuquillo, Maria Rosa Miracle 75-92
The pond biodiversity index “IBEM”: a new tool for the rapid assessment of biodiversity in ponds from Switzerland. Part 1. Index development PDF
Sandrine Angelibert, Veronique Rosset, Nicola Indermuehle, Beat Oertli 93-104
The pond biodiversity index “IBEM”: a new tool for the rapid assessment of biodiversity in ponds from Switzerland. Part 2. Method description and examples of application PDF
Nicola Indermuehle, Sandrine Angelibert, Veronique Rosset, Beat Oertli 105-120
Designing a standardised sampling method for invertebrate monitoring: a pilot experiment in a motorway retention pond PDF
Olivier Scher, Kate E. McNutt, Alain Thiery 121-132
Zooplankton community from restored peridunal ponds in the Mediterranean region (L'Albufera Natural Park, Valencia, Spain) PDF
Maria Anton-Pardo, Xavier Armengol 133-144
Simulation model comparing the hydroperiod of temporary ponds with different shapes PDF
Alfonso Garmendia, Joan Pedrola-Monfort 145-152
Zooplankton richness in farm ponds of Andalusia (southern Spain). A comparison with natural wetlands PDF
David Leon, Patricio Peñalver, Jesus Casas, Melchor Juan, Francisca Fuentes, Irene Gallego, Julia Toja 153-162
Chlorophyll a and physical-chemical features of small water bodies as indicators of land use in the Wielkopolska region (Western Poland) PDF
Natalia Kuczynska-Kippen, Tomasz Joniak 163-170
The body size distribution of Filinia longiseta (Ehrenberg) in different types of small water bodies in the Wielkoposka region PDF
Anna Basinska, Natalia Kuczynska-Kippen, Kasper Swidnicki 171-182