Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat, Núm. 13 (2007)

Pregnancias. Sobre cuatro lavis de Colette Deblé

Jacques Derrida, Joana Masó (trad.), Javier Bassas (trad.)


How should the representation of the female body in Western art history be quoted, both assimilating masculine patterns and models and printing, at the same time, the traces of the Other’s body? This question extends through Jacques Derrida’s text on French painter Colette Deblé’s wash-drawings (lavis), and raises notions like engendering, birthgiving and pictorial quotation. In Deblé’s work, the legacy of Art History and its mythology engenders an endless series of wash-drawings in which water does not intend to “wash” the tradition “out”, but to wet it, soak it with new waters, drain it and make it resound anew.

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