Treballs de la Societat Catalana de Geografia, Núm. 61-62 (2006)

Yoknapatawpha County-on-the-Mediterranean: Barcelona, Literary Capital of Catalan-language Letters and the Third World (1962-1975)

Olivier Thomas Kramsch


Against the backdrop of a perceived near total hegemony of Anglophone
norms and scholarly practices within the discipline of international geography,
a growing chorus of voices from outside Anglo-Saxon geography is currently
pleading for a greater sensitivity to context and language diversity in
the field. Nowhere is the sense of exclusion and marginalization more acute
than in the often frustrated attempts by non-English language geographers to
publish in the leading Anglo-American geographical journals. This paper
argues that the current state of debate on the issue has reached a certain conceptual
impasse, as those voices from the self-proclaimed “peripheries” of
international geography today cannot seem to reconcile a central tension
between a call for greater context-specificity in knowledge production and an
abiding concern to avoid the parochialism of local or national scholarly traditions.
In an attempt to open alternative visions for publishing practices
within the non-English language discipline, the author engages in a geo-historically
informed analysis of the Barcelona-based book publishing industry
during a crucial time of socio-political transition informed by anti-Franco
cultural resistance. By excavating the geo-history of this urban industrial milieu (1962-75), the author attempts to reveal how the Catalan capital
became, for a brief moment, the center of a world, connecting not only Latin
America to the Iberian Peninsula but articulating wider politico-cultural projects
between the global North and South. The political as well as geographical
knowledge revealed from this case, it is argued, demonstrates that the
task of creating a truly international geography may be more complex than
its advocates may wish to acknowledge.

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