Revista de l'Alguer, Vol. 10, Núm. 10 (1999)

Esbós d 'una alteritat conplementària: Joan Maragall i Miguel de Unamuno

Peter Cocozzella


The epistolario between Miguel de Unamuno (1864-1936), one of the most representative Spanish writers of the fin de siècle, and Joan Maragall (1860-1911), in many ways Unamuno's counterpart from Catalonia. unfolds a rapport of alterity, which reverberates in the ideologies and literary endeavors of both. As a function of reciprocal complementation, the alterity in question comes to bear on cardinal issues, inherent in the individual and comunal dimensions of human existence. Both Unamuno and Maragall dramatize as the heroic agonistes, embodying el sentimiento trágico de la vida. In these captivating phrases, each author perceives, however, a distinctive, commanding perspectivism. Distinctiveness here rests on a paradox, as it does not precludeindeed, it strengthens-the symbiosis of frienship between the two.

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