Revista Catalana de Micologia, 20 : desembre del 1997

PCR: una nueva herramienta para el estudio de hongos ectomicorrícicos

V. Llorens, María Paz Martín Esteban, Elena Hidalgo Hernando


PCR: a new tool for the study of ectomycorrhizal fungi. PCR (Polymerase
Chain Reaction) is a simple technique that allows the specific amplification of particular regions
of the genome of living organisms to facilitate their study. In the last few years, this and other
complementary techniques have opened the field of the molecular mycology, whose Applications in detection, identification and c1assification of fungi are increasing every day. In this article, the
first of a series dealing with the Molecular Techniques that can be used in Mycology, we explain
the basic principies of both the PCR and two other complementary techniques commonly used
for the molecular analysis of the amplified regions: RFLPs (Restriction Fragment Length
Polymorphisms) and sequencing (determination ofthe primary structure ofthe nucleic acids).

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