Ítaca: Quaderns Catalans de Cultura Clàssica, Núm. 33 (2017)

Sull'ode a Fidile (Hor. carm. 3, 23)

Pier Angelo Perotti


With regard to the Horatian ode to Fidile, you find here some variations in comparison with the usually accepted exegesis, especially with reference to the last strophe: the difficulties are particularly related to the meaning of the adjective immunis (v. 17) — including the apparent contradiction between immunis… manus ( with the meaning of “empty hand”) of v. 17 and the gifts, of poor value, mentioned in vv. 3-4 —, as well as the syntagms sumptuosa… hostia (v. 18) and aversos Penatis (v. 19). To conclude, you find the proposal of a translation offering an interpretation of the ode that is altogether satisfactory and free from particular difficulties.

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