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2-1 The High-Energy Physics Institute of Barcelona (IFAE) Details   Text complet
Enrique Fernández
2-1 The Catalan Society of Mathematics: from 1986 until 1998 Details   Text complet
2-1 News Details   Text complet
2-1 Contributions to artificial intelligence: the IIIA perspective Abstract   Text complet
Ramon López de Mantaras i Badia
2-1 RNA interference: a new powerful tool for functional genomic analysis Abstract   Text complet
Víctor Hernández-Hernández, Juana Fernández-Rodríguez, David Bueno i Torrens, Miquel Vila-Farré, Albert T. Cardona, Vanessa Sancho, Rafael Romero i Benedí
2-1 Molecular bases of spinal muscular atrophy: the survival motor neuron gene Abstract   Text complet
Eduardo Tizzano, Montserrat Baiget Bastús
2-1 Calcium homeostasis in the central nervous system: adaptation to neurodegeneration Abstract   Text complet
Lluïsa de Yebra, Rosa Adroer Martori, Nicole Mahy, David Ramonet, Manuel J. Rodríguez
2-1 Piperidones: from alkaloids to pseudopeptides Abstract   Text complet
Anna Díez Pascual, Pilar Forns i Berenguel, Mario Rubiralta
2-1 Applications of optically active metallacycles: new useful materials for the determination of the enantiomeric excess of Lewis bases and as resolvin agents for monodentate phosphines Abstract   Text complet
Guillermo Muller, Jaume Ramon Granell
2-1 Progress in powder and surface X-ray diffraction crystallography Abstract   Text complet
Carles Miravitlles Torras, Jordi Rius, Xavier Torrelles
2-2 Professor Enric Casassas Details   Text complet
Romà Tauler i Ferré, Miquel Esteban
2-2 White dwarfs Details   Text complet
Enrique García-Berro, Margarida Hernanz i Carbó, Jordi Isern Vilaboy, Maurizio Salaris
2-2 Immanuel Kant versus the Princes of Serendip: Does science evolve through blind chance or intelligent design? Details   Text complet
Sheldon Lee Glashow
2-2 Enric Casassas memorial lecture 2002: Some highlights and perceptions of analytical chemistry Abstract   Text complet
J.D.R. Thomas
2-2 WIRIS: An Internet platform for the teaching and learning of mathematics in large educational communities Details   Text complet
Ramon Eixarch Ferrer, Sebastià Xambó i Descamps, D. Marquès
2-2 Pròleg : Contributions to Science i les seccions de ciències de l'IEC Details   Text complet
Màrius Foz i Sala
2-2 Taphonomy, a discovery for museology Details   Text complet
Jorge Wagensberg, Marta Solsona
2-2 HDL: A molecular view of the "classic" antiatherogenic lipoprotein Abstract   Text complet
Vicent Ribas, Francisco Blanco-Vaca, Francesc González i Sastre
2-2 Nanomechanics: A new approach for studying the mechanical properties of materials Abstract   Text complet
Fausto Sanz, Pau Gorostiza, Sergi Garcia-Manyes, Jordi Fraxedas i Calduch
2-2 Recent statistical methods based on distances Details   Text complet
Concepción Arenas Solà, Carles Maria Cuadras Avellana
2-2 Diamagnetic interactions in superheated-superconducting microgranules under an external magnetic field Abstract   Text complet
A. Peñaranda, L. Ramírez-Piscina, Carlota E. Auguet Sangra, T.A. Girard
2-2 The Prediction of chemical reactivity from first principles: Collision and reaction dynamics Details   Text complet
Jaime de Andrés, Antoni Aguilar, Margarida Albertí, Xavier Giménez, Josep M. Lucas
2-2 Expression, structure and evolution of H1 linker histones Abstract   Text complet
Roger Vila, Pere Suau, Imma Ponte
2-3 Professor Lluís Santaló (1911-2001) Details   PDF
Agustí Reventós i Tarrida
2-3 Human rights are not enough Details   PDF
James E. Lovelock
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