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1-3 Municipal Laboratory of Barcelona Details   Text complet
Mercè Centrich Sureda
1-3 News Details   Text complet
1-3 Knock, knock, knocking on muscle doors. Visions of the transport of substrates across the plasma membrane in muscle Abstract   Text complet
Manuel Palacín, Antonio Zorzano, César Fandos Espallargas
1-3 Benthic suspension feeders, key players in Antartic marine ecosystems? Abstract   Text complet
Josep M. Gili i Sardà, Joandomènec Ros i Aragonès, P. FILIPE, N. Teixidó, Covadonga Orejas Saco del Valle, Wolf E. Arntz, P.J. López
1-3 Genome fluidity. The case of plants Abstract   Text complet
Pere Puigdomènech i Rosell, Josep Maria de Casacuberta i Roger
1-3 Development and testing of galvanic anodes for cathodic protection Abstract   Text complet
Julio Juárez-Islas, Joan Genescà i Llongueras
1-3 Interrelationship of serum paraoxonase activity and paraoxonase genetic variants on atherosclerosis risk Abstract   Text complet
Mariano Sentí, Roberto Elosua Llanos, Jaume Marrugat, Marta Tomàs
1-4 Professor Fèlix Serratosa (1925-1995) Details   Text complet
Josep Castells i Guardiola
1-4 Fishery science: analysis and present situation Details   Text complet
Carles Bas i Peired
1-4 Prefaci Details   Text complet
Ricard Guerrero i Moreno
1-4 Communication between scientists of different language, culture and field Details   Text complet
Salvador Reguant i Serra
1-4 Catalonia, the European Massachusetts, is it realistic? Details   Text complet
Rafael Franco
1-4 Institute for Space Studies of Catalonia Details   Text complet
1-4 Volume 1 Indices Details   Text complet
1-4 News Details   Text complet
1-4 Quantum theory of QSAR Abstract   Text complet
Emili Besalú i Llorà, Ramon Carbó-Dorca
1-4 Lasing without population inversion: towards X-ray continuous wave laser emission Abstract   Text complet
Jordi Mompart, Fernando Silva, Verònica Ahufinger Breton, Ramón Corbalán Yuste
1-4 Metallacarbonares containing exo-thio and exo-phosphinocarbonare ligands. Tehir application in catalysis Abstract   Text complet
Clara Viñas i Teixidor, Francesc Teixidor i Bombardó, Rosario Núñez Aguilera
1-4 Wastewater treatment improvement through an intelligent integrated supervisory system Abstract   Text complet
Juan Antonio Baeza Labat, J. Comas, Manel Poch, Miquel Sànchez i Marrè, Ulises Cortés, J. Lafuente, I.R. Roda
1-4 Methods in the treatment of obesity Abstract   Text complet
José Antonio Fernández-López, Xavier Remesar, Marià Alemany i Lamana
1-4 Risks of aluminium exposure during pregnancy Abstract   Text complet
Josep L. Domingo, Maria Teresa Colomina i Fosch, Mercedes Gómez Arnáiz
2-1 Fishery science: analysis and present situation Details   Text complet
Carles Bas i Peired
2-1 Can Nietzschean power relations be experimentally investigated using theoretical and viral quasispecies? Details   Text complet
Isabel Cacho, Jordi Gómez
2-1 Pròleg : dues perspectives complementàries Details   Text complet
Salvador Reguant i Serra
2-1 Mathematics in Catalonia: 1990-1996 Details   Text complet
Joan Girbau i Badó
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