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Table of Contents

Prefaci : la ciència, responsabilitat de tothom Text complet
Salvador Reguant i Serra 123

Research reviews

Arithmetical problems in number fields, abelian varieties and modular forms Text complet
Pilar Bayer i Isant 125-145
Possibilities of man-machine interaction through the perception of human gestures Text complet
Jaume Pagès, Manel Frigola Bourlon, Alícia Casals i Gelpí, Josep Amat i Girbau 159-173
Sudden cardiac death Text complet
A. Martínez-Rubio, Antoni Bayés Genís, Josep Guindo Soldevila, Antoni Bayés de Luna 147-157
Crustal accretion at mid-ocean ridges and backarc spreading centers: Insights from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the Bransfield Basin and the North Fiji Basin Text complet
Javier Escartín, Eulàlia Gràcia i Mont 175-192


The ontological deficits of quantum reality Text complet
Ramon Lapiedra i Civera 193-197
Omega: a system for the effective construction, coding and decoding of block error-correcting codes Text complet
Sebastià Xambó i Descamps 199-223
The catalan process for the direct production of malleable iron and its spread to Europe and the Americas Text complet
Estanislau Tomàs 225-232


Earth sciencies in Catalonia : 1990-1995 Text complet
Pere F. Santanach i Prat, David Serrat i Congost, Esteve Cardellach López, Salvador Reguant i Serra 233-236
Physics research in Catalonia : the highly cited papers Text complet
Lluís Rovira, Pau Senra i Petit 237-244
The Supercomputing Center of Catalonia Text complet

Historical Corner

The centenary of the Catalan Institution for Natural History Text complet
Joaquim Maluquer i Sostres 249-250
News Text complet

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