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Table of Contents

Prefaci Text complet
Manuel Castellet i Solanas 5

Research reviews

Cytogenetic effects of irradiation on somatic and germ cells Text complet
J. Egozcue, R. Álvarez, J. F. Barquinero, L. Barrios, M. R. Caballín, A. Genescà, R. Miró, I. Ponsa, L. Tusell 7-24
Quantum tunneling of the magnetic moment Text complet
Javier Tejada, Xi-Xiang Zhang, Elvira del Barco Morillo 25-38
Low-dimensional polynuclear complexes and high-spin molecules: towards molecular magnets Text complet
Joan Ribas i Gispert 39-51
Ultrafine particles produced by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition -from SiH4, CH4, NH3 and B2H6 gas mixtures- for nanostructured ceramics aplications Text complet
Esther Pascual Miralles, Adolf Canillas Biosca, Enric Bertran Serra, J. Costa, G. Viera 53-61
Solid particles formation from solutions, an intellectual and industrial meeting point and challenge Text complet
Jesús García Carmona, Rafael Rodríguez-Clemente, Manuel Ocaña, Carlos J. Serna, Anabel López Macipe, Jaime Gómez Morales 63-77
Treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis Text complet
Joan Rocés, Albert Parés, Llorenç Caballería Rovira 79-85


Francesc Duran Reynals (Barcelona, 1899-New Haven, USA, 1958) : Virus and cancer: a controversial theory Text complet
Antoni Roca i Rosell, Thomas F. Glick 87-98


Notice on the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC) Text complet
Physics in Catalonia: 1990-1995 Text complet
David Jou i Mirabent 100-104
Historical view and challenges of the research plans for Catalonia Text complet
David Serrat i Congost 104-107

Historical Corner

The work of Santiago Ramón y Cajal in Barcelona Text complet
Jacint Corbella i Corbella 109-111
News Text complet

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