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3-3 : Paleoclimatology research in Catalonia : special issue / A. Rosell-Melé, guest editor

Table of Contents


Prefaci PDF
Antoni Rosell i Melé 329

Research reviews

Long-term changes in extreme temperatures and precipitation in Spain PDF
Manola Brunet India, Javier Sigró Rodríguez, Philip D. Jones, Oscar Saladié, Enric Aguilar Anfrons, Anders Moberg, David Lister, Alexander Walther 331-342
The History of the El Niño - Southern Oscillation according to lacustrine and marine sediments PDF
Santiago Giralt, Ana Moreno Caballud, Roberto Bao, Alberto Sáez Ruiz, Blas L. Valero-Garcés, J. J. Pueyo, B. B. Klosowska, Armand Hernández, Penélope González-Sampériz, Conxita Taberner 343-353
Climatic and land use changes on the NW of Iberian Peninsula recorded in a 1500-year record from Lake Sanabria PDF
Ramon Julià i Brugués, José Antonio Luque Marín, Santiago Riera i Mora, J. A. Alejandro 355-369
Planktonic foraminifera and their proxies for the reconstruction of surface-ocean climate parameters PDF
P. G. Mortyn, M. A. Martínez-Botí 371-383
Reconstructing past seawater pH from boron isotopes in carbonates PDF
Carles Pelejero, Eva Calvo Costa 385-394
Drivers of atmospheric CO2 concentrations over glacial to interglacial time scales PDF
Antoni Rosell i Melé, Marina Escala Pascual, Alfredo Martínez García, Natàlia Núñez Gimeno 395-404
Quaternary paleoclimatology, neotropical biodiversity, and potential effects of global warming PDF
Valentí Rull, Teresa Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Sandra Nogué Bosch, Encarnación Montoya Romo, N. Cañellas, A. Lara 405-413
Palynological evidence for climatic change along the eastern Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands PDF
Ramon Pérez-Obiol 415-419
Holocene environmental history and human impact in the Pyrenees PDF
Albert Pèlachs, Joan Manuel Soriano López, Jordi Nadal i Tersa, Agustí Esteban i Amat 421-429

History corner

Fr. Eduard Vitoria Miralles : Alcoi 1864 - Barcelona 1958 PDF
Lluís Victori i Companys 431-434


News PDF

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