Contributions to Science, Vol 12, No 2 (2016)

The Mediterranean, bridge of cultures. Lectures at the AE-BKH in 2014

Nicole Skinner


Activities of the Barcelona Knowledge Hub of the Academia Europaea (AE-BKH) on 27-28 November 2014. The article describes the lectures given for the Disputatio of Barcelona 2014 on “The Mediterranean, bridge of cultures”, by Enric Banda and Maria Paradiso, at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, Barcelona (27 Nov.), and for the Intersection Workshop (ISW-AE) on “The Mediterranean in the crossroad: Past, present and future”, by Jean-Pierre Brun, Isabelle Anguelovski, Ricard Guerrero, Rubén Duro, Alessandro Tessari, Marc Mayer, and Salvador Giner, at the Institute for Catalan Studies (28 Nov.). The ISW-AE was followed by a visit to the CosmoCaixa museum of science, and a choral concert by Cor de Músic, from Castelldefels, which sang Medieval songs at the main auditorium of the museum. [Contrib Sci 12(2): 117-127 (2016)]

Keywords: Barcelona Knowledge Hub of the Academia Europaea (AE-BKH) · Ramon Llull (1232–1316) · Messinian salinity crisis · Mediterranean deltas · global cities

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