Catalan Social Sciences Review, No 8 (2018)

Intergenerational transmission of gender roles in the household (DOI: 10.2436/20.3000.02.40)

Marc Ajenjo Cosp, Joan García Román


This paper studies parent-child transmission of gender roles in Spain using the 2009-2010 Time-Use Survey (National Statistical Institute). Drawing from an indicator based on differences in unpaid work between siblings of different genders, we analyse the effects of parent characteristics - such as the mother's occupation, the father's participation in household chores, household income and parents' education - on the extent to which gender roles are transmitted. These variables are shown to explain much of the variation in child gender roles, supporting an important child-parent mimicry effect in gendered behaviour.

Key words: time allocation, gender roles, intergenerational transmission, Spain

Original source: Revista Catalana de Sociologia, 29: 35-47 (2014)

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ISSN electronic edition: 2014-6035

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