Catalan Social Sciences Review, No 5 (2015)

The structures of youth participation in Catalonia since the democratic transition (DOI: 10.2436/20.3000.02.28)

Pere Soler Masó, Anna Maria Novella Cámara, Anna Planas Lladó


Youth participation is and has been a concept with many considerations, meanings and forms of application, both nationally and internationally. In order to ascertain the evolution of the main structures of youth participation, this article starts with the frames that have motivated this participation in Europe, and then it analyses the evolution of some of the participative youth structures in Catalonia in recent decades: local and municipal youth councils. The article also examines some of the longstanding challenges of youth participation, which aim to overcome the structuring of traditional channels of participation and generate other ways of taking part in everyday community life.

Key words: young people participation, youth participation, democracy, youth policies, Catalonia

Original source: Educació i Història: Revista d'Història de l'Educació, 25: 211-237 (2015)

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