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Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Catalan Social Sciences Review (CSSR) is edited by the Philosophy and Social Sciences Section of Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC). IEC is an academic, scientific and cultural institution devoted to scientific research and Catalan culture located in Barcelona.

CSSR came out in 2012 as a yearly publication on the popularization of science. Its aim is to publish scientifically relevant articles which originally came out in Catalan translated into English. By doing so, CSSR addresses academicians, professionals and students around the world interested in social sciences subjects and Catalan research.The articles relate to social sciences subjects such as Philosophy, Pedagogy, Psychology, Sociology, Demography, Geography, Law, Economics, Anthropology, Communication and Political Science. Each subject constitutes a section of the review.

The objectives of CSSR are:

1.To promote, foster and spur on Catalan academic scientific production related to Philosophy and Social Sciences

2. To coordinate an international diffusion platform on Catalan scientific production related to the various disciplines under the generic category of "social sciences"

3. To participate in the initiatives for the international diffusion of Catalan science in English through the IEC on line publications catalog

4. To guarantee the access to Catalan high quality research on social sciences to the world scientific community, emphasizing the fact that the results have been originally drawn in Catalan

5. To contribute to create a shared supportive cultural membership feeling among philosophy and social sciences researchers from all Catalan speaking countries and territories

Catalan is a language spoken mainly in four Autonomous Regions of East Spain (Catalonia, Valencian Country, Balearic Islands and part of Aragon) and also in Andorra, Rosselló (South East France) and the city of l'Alguer (Sardinia, Italy) [see the map above].


Section Policies


Peer Review Process

The articles are selected by the IEC Philosophy and Social Sciences Section members, who are also members of the CSSR's advisory board. The selection is firstly based on the scientific relevance of the articles under revision, and secondly on the international interest they might awaken.

All the articles need to have been previously published in Catalan in a scientific journal and must follow the structure and norms which are typical of any scientific article. If they do not, they are adapted in order to fulfill these criteria.


CSSR in academic databases

Catalan Social Sciences Review is listed in the following academic databases: RACO, Dialnet, REBIUN, Latindex, Dulcinea.


CSSR in academic databases: RACO, Dialnet, REBIUN, LatindexDulcinea.

ISSN electronic edition: 2014-6035

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