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No 11 (2018): Catalan Historical Review

Cover: Castle of Salses. The castle of Salses, which was restored in the 17th century, marked the border between the Kingdom of Spain and the Kingdom of France until 1659.


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No 10 (2017): Catalan Historical Review

Cover: Initial "C", depicting King James I and his warriors on page 50 of the Compilatio Maior or Vidal mayor, the first compilation of the laws of Aragón dated between 1290 and 1310. Colour tempera, gold leaf and ink on parchment. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles (USA). Digital image courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program.


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No 9 (2016): Catalan Historical Review

Cover: Pere Blai (1553-1620). Palace of the Generalitat de Catalunya, south façade (1596-1619). Barcelona, Plaça de Sant Jaume. (Photo: JGR)


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No 8 (2015): Catalan Historical Review

Cover: Scene of the Saint Mark and Saint Anianus altarpiece, commissioned by the guild of shoemakers, rendered by Arnau Bassa. Barcelona, 1346. The altarpiece is in Manresa (Barcelona). Saint Anianus’ wound was miraculously healed when he was repairing one of Saint Mark’s sandals. Saint Anianus was the second patriarch of Alexandria and is the patron saint of shoemakers. The painting represents a craftsman’s workshop from the 14th century.


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No 7 (2014): Catalan Historical Review

Cover: Sculpture of the Greek God of Medicine, Asclepius. 2nd century BC. Greco-Roman site of Empúries. (Photo: Archaeological Museum of Catalonia-Empúries)


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No 6 (2013): Catalan Historical Review

Cover: Poster by painter Ramon Casas for the festivities celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Jocs Florals of Barcelona (1908). The emblem of the Jocs Florals was superimposed upon the poet’s lyre and the prize flower.


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No 5 (2012): Catalan Historical Review

Cover: Close-up of the central table of the altarpiece of Saint George (1468)
Tempera on wood table by Pere Niçart. Diocesan Museum, Palma.
Recreation of the city of Mallorca


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No 4 (2011): Catalan Historical Review

Cover: La Teixidora (The weaver, 1882). Oil on canvas by Joan Planella (1850-1910).
182 x 142 cm. Trinxet Collection. Evidence of the importance of women’s work in factories from premature age.


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No 3 (2010): Catalan Historical Review

Cover: Fragment of The Siege of Barcelona, 1714. Author: Jacint Rigaud (inv. et sculp), 1659-1743. Engraving, 23 x 43 cm


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No 2 (2009): Catalan Historical Review

Cover: The pediment on the façade of the Palace of Catalan Music (Barcelona 1905-1909). Author: Lluís Bru i Salelles (1868-1952). Mosaic


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No 1 (2008): Catalan Historical Review

Cover: James I, Valencia (1427). Authors: Jaume Mateu and Gonçal Peris Sarrià. Tempera on wood (56.5 x 45 x 4 cm)


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